Monday, September 25, 2017

Tuesday's Writings #No 13

Tuesday's Writings  #No 13

Each week I will post three words. You write something using the words. Then come back and post a link in the comments and I will link you up in the post below prompts so others can read your work, I advise you to read other's work too so we can all benefit and make comments. Don't worry if it's not Tuesday you can post until Monday the next week or if you want post and I'll try to include you in the previous week's posts. Comments can encourage enrich and invigorate writers and poets offerings so please share the love.

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Prompts this week: luminance, essential, capacity

Definitions below:

Prompts: luminance-

  1. the intensity of light emitted from a surface per unit area in a given direction.
    • the component of a television signal that carries information on the brightness of the image.

  1.     absolutely necessary; extremely important.

    "it is essential to keep up-to-date records"

    synonyms:crucialnecessarykeyvitalindispensableimportantall-important, of the essence, criticalimperativemandatorycompulsoryobligatoryMore

  2. .

    (of a disease) with no known external stimulus or cause; idiopathic.

    "essential hypertension"
  1. .
    a thing that is absolutely necessary.

    "we had only the bare essentials in the way of gear"


  1. capacity- the maximum amount that something can contain.
    1. The ability to or power to do, experience, or understand something

    2. .

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    2. Sheilagh Lee        story

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