Monday, October 2, 2017

Tuesday's Writings #No 14-

Tuesday's Writings  #No 14

Each week I will post three words. You write something using the words. Then come back and post a link in the comments and I will link you up in the post below prompts so others can read your work, I advise you to read other's work too so we can all benefit and make comments. Don't worry if it's not Tuesday you can post until Monday the next week or if you want post and I'll try to include you in the previous week's posts. Comments can encourage enrich and invigorate writers and poets offerings so please share the love.

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Prompts this week: lexicon, farceur, redaction

Definitions below:


lexicon (plural lexia)


a book containing an alphabetical arrangement of the words in a language and their definitions :
  • the vocabulary of a language, an individual speaker or group of speakers, or a subject

  • computer terms that have been added to the lexicon

the total stock of morphemes in a language


1 : jokerwag
2 : a writer or actor of farce or satire


Grace's class presentation went very well, but she could have done without the snide remarks from the farceurs at the back of the room.


  1. noun

  2. Definition:

  1. :an act or instance of redacting something

                                 a work that has been redacted.

  1. Name                 Poem or Story         Blog Address                 

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